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RDB Auto Care Spray Wax leaves a mirror shine with added synthetic protection. The spray wax is great for adding a tough barrier that coats your car’s paint surface, fighting off harsh UV rays and untreated water, leaving you a glossy shine.

  • Shake well before use
  • Avoid application in direct sunlight
  • Mist a small amount onto a microfiber. 
  • Work into the paint in a circular motion, wipe away excess with a microfiber.
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The Next Generation Of Wax

Traditional liquid and paste waxes can be messy and take time to spread evenly across paintwork. With our SPRAY WAX, you can easily spray durable wax onto the surface for a nice even coverage every time, and it can be immediately removed to reveal a glossy slick finish like no other. It’s the best way to get the same protection as traditional paste waxes, with unmatched ease of use!

Sprayable All-Season Weather Protection

With a simple spray, our SPRAY WAX literally bonds and cures to the surface, providing durable protection against the road’s toughest debris and leaving behind incredible water beading properties. SPRAY WAX offers slick protection from harmful airborne pollution, contamination, and water spots while leaving behind a premium warm shine and mirror reflection that can last you months!